Reasons to purchase a Trophy Award Plaques in Singapore

Posted On Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 00:00:00 AM

11 Reasons to Purchase a Trophy Award Plaques in Singapore

What does Trophy symbolize? Awards are one of the highly effective ways to give recognition, boost morale and celebrate success. While the glory of achievements fade over time, awards exist to retain its remembrance. Additionally, awards serve as affirmation towards progress. Employees will be able to look to them as short-term goals and be spurred on as they strive to achieve your company’s business plan.

Benefits of awarding corporate trophy & plaque in Singapore?

  • Motivate and encourage employees to work hard and achieve their goals. Awards can be a tangible symbol of success and recognition for a job well done, which can boost morale and make employees feel valued and appreciated.
  • Foster a positive work culture and environment. Awards and recognition can help create a sense of community and teamwork among employees, and can also help to build a positive reputation for the company as a supportive and rewarding place to work.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate outstanding performance and achievements. Awards can provide an opportunity to recognize and reward employees who have gone above and beyond in their work, and to showcase the company's top performers and their accomplishments.
  • Show appreciation and gratitude to employees. Awards and recognition can be a way for employers to express their gratitude and appreciation for their employees, and to acknowledge the hard work and contributions that employees make to the company.
  • Overall, awarding trophies and other forms of recognition can be a valuable way for employers to support and motivate their employees, and to create a positive and productive work environment. 

What is the purpose of a trophy in Singapore? Trophies are given as an achievement to congratulate an individual for taking the first spot in doing a certain activity, such as sports or studying. It can also be used to show appreciation for a person’s hard work or service in the job.

To those that did not come in first or is not appreciate as much, all the more a trophy should be given to them. This will act as an encouragement to them and motivate them to work harder. It can also celebrate the times where they had memorable moments with their friends along the way of getting the #1 spot.

However, with the sea of choices available in the market, having to decide on the material and design that will best suit the purpose of award and the awardee might be tricky. A good starting point would be the awards’ material. Ranging from the most affordable to the priciest, trophies & plaques are typically made with acrylic, glass, optical glass, metal, crystal, liuli and diamonds crystal. We have a wide range of ready stock in Singapore with express production timeline available. Our standard production time is 7 days upon artwork approval. Do let us know if you are shipping the trophies overseas so we may pack it with extra padding foam sponge.


Besides getting a trophy to congratulate someone, there are also several other reasons why you should get a trophy:

  1. Employee of the Year
    This award should go out to the most outstanding staff of the team. They should have an exceptional work ethic, produce consistent and exemplary results and is knowledgeable and skilful of their job scope. On top of these qualities, they should be responsible, punctual, dependable and work well with the team. 


  2. Top Sales Award
    The award that specifically celebrates revenue, the Top Sales Award is a strong motivator to driven employees in the Sales department. As salespeople tend to be competitive, awarding impressive employees monthly, quarterly and annually, can greatly propel sales numbers. You may consider planning for trophies of 3 sizes to award 2nd and 3rd achievers as well. Clinching the top salesperson spot of the year is something that the manager should acknowledge to the entire team. Not only will this spur the top salesperson on and motivate him to do better, it will also encourage the team members to put in more effort in order to see themselves getting the award next year.

  3. Customer Service Award
    The customer service team often goes unnoticed as they do not directly bring revenue. However, they are undoubtedly essential to the company. Faced with the grimace and problems of customers day in and day out, customer service employees will benefit from the recognition and appreciation. Reward employees with the best track record of conflict resolution, exemplary service and highest positive customer feedback. We may print employee’s photo on selected trophy to be unique.
  4. Project Accomplishments
    Project Accomplishment Awards can be further split into more distinct categories such as Organisational Excellence in Project Management, Project Excellence in Project Management and Individual Excellence in Project Management. The first recognises role model execution of the project through the effective use of formal processes. The second spotlights the use of best practices such as documenting and tracking development as well as keeping below budget while producing quality results. The third focuses directly on the competency of the project manager. Project Accomplishment plaques tend to commemorative and do remember to add in the date of completion to signify the start of a new relationship between both parties.
  5. Leadership Appreciation
    Everything rises and falls on leadership. It is important to remember the managers and leaders who have helped lead the company from success to success. Recognition awards should be given to admirable managers who have exercised superb leadership, especially in difficult times. They should also be outstanding examples in terms of conduct, attitude and progress. Origin has an extensive range of premium awards suited for top class recipients.  
  6. Appreciation & Service
    Trophies can also be used to show appreciation. For instance, a Long Service Award can be given to an employee that has been working tirelessly in the company for 10 years. By doing so, the employee will feel valued and will decrease his or her chances of resigning. One way to boost to retention rates is to introduce Long Service Awards. The award highlights and appreciates employees who have been dedicated to the company for 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 25 years. The award acts as a career milestone for employees to work towards and broadcasts the fact that the company is a great employer.
  7. Sports - Hole in One
    Golf trophies comes as a sense of accomplishment for the golfer. It will make him or her practice golfing more often to get another trophy. Not only that, it also serves as a reminder of the past achievements in his golfing life. There are different types of golf trophies – champion golfer, golfer swing, golf ball, esprit golfer, round gold swing and more. All of these comes with various bases for you to choose from. In addition to golf, we have a selected range of unique sports trophies for your consideration.
  8. Dedication & Donor
    These two types of trophies are given to donors and those who dedicate a huge amount of their time, for instance, to a certain cause. They are typically showcased in a glass shelf where it can be easily seen by many.
  9. Special Occasions
    Special occasions trophies are given to participants to acknowledge that they took part in the event. It can also be used to commemorate a milestone. From a personal goal such as wedding anniversary gift or award to celebrate the association’s 10 years anniversary. We have artistic beautiful colour glass trophies for your selection. We may add on a message to the base by sandblasting or UV colour printing. All eyes are will be on the art piece trophy during your presentation.
  10. Inspiration
    As the name suggest, inspiration awards are used to push one forward, bringing them closer to success. There are various types of inspiration trophies – routable globe, crystal globe, star and ring, metal cup, shiny blinking crystal, and more. These are all excellent to motivate and encourage someone to do better in what they are already doing well in. 
  11. Retirement Award
    Although similar to the Long Service Award, the Retirement Award celebrates the employee’s journey with the company. It shows them respect and gratefulness for their years of dedication and work. Suitable for employees who have decided to retire after over 10 years (the number of years is variable, but should be reasonably long) with the company, it signifies an admirable send-off into their golden years. The award can also be personalised with a unique gift that will appeal to the employee.


One final tip is to appreciate clients and partners through awards. Awards such as “Best Supplier Award”, “Best Distributor Award” or “Appreciation Award” will not just express thankfulness but build rapport.

We have the production capabilities to produce large amount of trophies within your requested time frame. Should you require our services, please send us an enquiry at or call us at +65 67436516. For more products information, please visit our Awards Catalog Page.