What is Sandblasting Engraving on Crystal Trophy?

Posted On Monday, 27 September 2021, 00:00:00 AM

Sandblasting finishing engraving for Awards, plaque and trophy in Singapore

Here at Origin, we use sandblasting engraving as one of the final touches of decorating on an award trophy. Sandblasting technique is a traditional method of engraving used in corporate trophy shop industry. This engraving method is used on crystal, glass, optical glass, liuli crystal and other hard materials used in the process of finalising recipient awards. Sandblasting is used to precisely engrave text, logos, and graphics to make the award more outstanding. A final colour fill in on engraving may be added to increase exclusivity and distinctiveness of an award..

A sand spray directed the sand to the crystal etches a deep carving. The limitations to the depth of carve are the wall thickness of the glass. The plaques and awards are wrapped in a thin film; only the areas that are going to be engraved are left exposed. Large areas of the design can be blasted leaving the protected areas of the glass to appear raised from the surface. The effect is a classic engraving details that exudes only premium quality and luxury. The sandblasting method sounds exactly as its name implies. A fine and abrasive sand is propelled at high velocities with sandblasting machine done locally in Singapore. Our Origin craftsmen in production have more than 30 years of experience with sandblasting for corporate awards.

This engraving finishing method has been used for decorating glass and crystals for a long time. The technology and techniques have been improved to enhanced air-propelled sand or particles to better engrave surfaces. It has become an art form with a unique process of etching, different from the others.

Many corporate customers are looking for a higher level of customization. Instead of just text, our designers and craftsmen are capable of doing more artistic kinds of work. We can convert ink drawings, sketches, line graphics, and convert them over into a mask that they can then sandblast. These drawings has to be in black and white graphics or working files to be provided by clients.

It’s been our experience that the perceived value of a sandblasted award is higher than the same or similar item produced using other decoration methods such as UV Printing. Perceived value is a vital element in what a customer is willing to pay for the trophy.

Origin Associates specialise in custom awards and other unique pieces that are not found in all trophy shops. We use both sandblasting and UV full colour printing, but sandblasting is our specialty. Our craftsmen have many years of experience with the sandblasting machines. We can perform high precision techniques, producing premium awards that awards prestigious recognition for your recipients. If you want to increase employee retention and reward your associates with something unique, we have the means of providing you the best premiums. 

In addition to corporate trophy awards, the golf community has embraced sandblasted glass / crystal as the choice material for golf tournament trophies and hole in one trophy. We offer the most extensive collection of unique golf trophies. Most prestigious golfers and tournaments have entrusted us with their trophy projects

Does sandblasting scratch or wear off?

Sandblasting is one way of etching crystal / glass that creates a look associated with frosted effect outcome. Sandblasted logo and font are carved deeply into the glass surface, so it can’t be removed. The rough material cuts at the award's surface where the stencil outline has been placed, leaving the design finely engraved. Sandblasting uses a pressurized abrasive stream to etch into the glass surface, creating a deep and permanent mark. The engraved mark will have a frosted white appearance which may be filled with colour.

Crystal Quality

Each crystal trophy and plaque are carefully selected and added to catalogue. These crystals are made in various shapes and sizes with latest trending design or classic traditional design. Our crystal piece is hand polished and bevelled to perfection to ensure the clear sparkle in corporate recognition trophy. We have a wide selection of crystal awards available in this premium, high perceived value material.

Our optical crystal awards with globe and star motifs are popular in the current market because this theme is ideal for recognising employees, customers, and top performances. Optical crystal plaque that has a large space for engraving are also popular because more and more customers want custom engraving designs.

Crystal can be either molten into sheets, plates, shapes, moulds or mouth- blown. By bevelling edges of crystal awards and trophies, our artists are able to showcase optic crystal prism qualities that optimize light reflection. In return elevates the showcase of prestige recognition towards recipients.

Traditionally crystal was created by adding certain amount of lead to glass and thus making glass heaver but softer to cut. Different ratio of lead to glass creates different colour tone of crystal. Leaded glass are trimmed to various shape and sizes creating the faceted refracted light spectrum, mesmerizing with its brilliance and sparkle. Crystal trophies are generally more expensive material than glass, but many prefer it for it unsurpassed quality and clarity.

The current trend in the award industry prefers the use of optic crystal trophies and plaques. It is believed that exposure to lead may pose certain health risks. Optic crystals are lead free and possesses the same quality of clarity and hardness. Optic crystal is a perfect optic prism that reflects light spectrum beautifully.

Crystal is versatile material and praised for the lack of green and blue colour or tint that is prevalent in glass. Optic crystal shows the elegant clear clarity in premium range trophy. Our factory explores the usage of coloured crystal utilization in design phase. Coloured crystal is created by including special colour additives in production of optic crystal sheets and moulds, creating trophies with multiple crystal pieces of different tone hues.

If you’re interested in the awards, trophies & plaques offered by Origin Associates, call today on 6743 6516 or email Our sales team will be more than happy to discuss your best available options best fitted to your requirements. We also provide sandblasting of wine bottles, whisky bottles, glass, decanter and more.