Crystal Trophy

Recognition of Excellence

Diamond Crystal Award


Size: 13.5 cm (h)
Diamond Crystal Diameter: 12 cm
Weight: 1010 gm

A series of sparkling prism cuts encircling the perimeter of the diamond creates a feeling of richness and depth with our Diamond Crystal Award. Our premium Round Cut Crystal Award is specifically designed for the award to reflect light and create mesmerizing light rays reflected from the trophy. The diamond cut crystal is attached to a clear crystal base that can be personalized with achievement inscriptions with our sandblasting etching. The crystal trophy can also be attached to a round wood base that can be personalized with achievement inscriptions with our colour printing on metal plate. The award comes with a laminated box with sponge layer backing. 

We carry a vast collection of Premium Crystal Awards Trophy ready stocks in Singapore. Recognition crystal awards are constructed using premium quality materials and innovative designs. Crystal awards capture light in reflections and create prismatic displays of bent light as they have higher light refraction properties. Varying levels of lead content specially incorporated to bring out the best in each crystal award presentation. Each crystal award is finished with customised sandblasting process in Singapore to provide with the utmost detail in the engraving artwork. Honor an excellent achievement and inspire continued success with our Premium Crystal Awards selection.