Prestige Crystal Awards

For Champion Winners

Supreme Prestige Crystal Award


Size: 24 cm x 10.5 cm
Weight: 3500 gm

This Extraordinary Crystal Trophy meets and exceeds the expectations of anyone who has presented it. With it’s unprecedented elegance, the Booster Crystal Trophy will reward the outstanding achievement of the recipient. Choose this elegant trophy award design to honor someone special. The combination design of premium crystal with chrome metal is the utmost classic award recognition and emphasis the magnificent influence of prestige. This stunning trophy's heavy weight symbolises the unprecedented recognitions of recipients. This award is an ideal choice for retirement awards, special achievements, employee goal breakthrough and more.

We carry a vast collection of Premium Crystal Awards Trophy ready stocks in Singapore. Recognition crystal awards are constructed using premium quality materials and innovative designs. Crystal awards capture light in reflections and create prismatic displays of bent light as they have higher light refraction properties. Varying levels of lead content specially incorporated to bring out the best in each crystal award presentation. Each crystal award is finished with customised sandblasting process in Singapore to provide with the utmost detail in the engraving artwork. Honor an excellent achievement and inspire continued success with our Premium Crystal Awards selection.