Europe Trophy

In Classic Distinctions

Senza Radius Diamond on Round Wood Base


Size: 26 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 1100 gm

Award trophy with satin silver plated metal finishing details. Round wood base below and diamond crystal attached on the top.
Premio struttura con aste intrecciate in metallo satinato silver-plated con base in di legno e diamante trasparente incastonato.

The complete collect is designed by Idelmino Sartori for Golden Life Group and distributed by Sartor Coppe. Origin Associates provides sandblasting engraving / UV print furnishing in Singapore. Designed and manufactured in Italy with materials and components exclusively Italians. Each item undergoes an anti-oxidizing process, to ensure it remains unaltered for longer. Slight surface irregularities may occur in handcrafted art sculptures. They are considered a natural part of the beauty and not a defect.

The award trophy comes with a laminated box with sponge / board layer setting.