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Wine & Bottle Opener


Material: Stainless Steel and plastic. Made with high quality ABS Plastic and metal parts The Wine Opener comes with 2 kind of functions, beer bottle opener, wine bottle opener. Easily open a wine bottle with 2-step double level corkscrew It features a stylish blue design and easily convenient to carry with a black cover Great to be brought on park picnics, yacht, car road trip, staycations. Good to have one at home or office.

Instructions: Cut the packaging with knife. Place the lever on to the neck of the bottle, pull the corkscrew up until the 2nd lever is in line with the neck of the bottle. Now place the 2nd lever on to the neck of the bottle, and repeat the action. The cork should now be released, but if not a pull on the corkscrew should release the cork from the wine bottle.

Specifications: Size: 14 cm x 3 cm (approximately)
Color: Blue only
Package List: 1 x Wine Bottle Opener 1 x Black Pouch