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Wine Decanter with Aerator (1.8L / 60oz)


Wine Decanter with Aerator (1.8L / 60oz)
27cm Height X 20cm Width
Price: $89.90
Handmade Glass (May have small bubbles within Glass)
Maximum Engraving Size: 1 Area of Engraving only ( 50mm x 20mm ) 

Give your wine the breathable surface area it needs and free it from the grasps of an air restricting bottle to truly experience its rich aroma and flavor. Classic round cone design red wine Decanter for all occasion. The decanter combines the functions of decanting, filtering and pouring, while sporting an attractive appearance. When pouring wine, the double-layered filter will help filter out impurities. The exquisite decanting device spreads the wine 360 degrees along the entire glass body, which greatly increases the contact area between the wine and air, achieving a complete decanting effect. The glass body is made from 100% high quality lead-free crystal. The bottle stopper is made from food-grade stainless steel and silicone gel, and is easy to clean. The design of the decanter not only ensures aerating efficiency, but also expresses its artistic flair. Just by itself, it’s an elegant work of art. It's one good idea as the gift for your friend and family, it's an essential for wine lovers, and the surprise for your friend with one unique wine gift for Christmas parties, wedding, birthday, housewarming gift or holidays. Customised Personalised wine decanter.