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Travel Document Pouch


Size: 13 cmW x 18 cmH
Introducing the perfect Travel Document Pouch for your holidays or business trips. Designed with the modern traveler in mind and made with high-quality, water-resistant fabric, our Travel Document Pouch offers peace of mind, ensuring your important documents and valuables stay secure on your business travels. From unexpected drizzles to accidental spills, this pouch has got you covered.  With thoughtfully designed compartments, it's your all-in-one solution for keeping your essentials close at hand. Slide your passport into the big pocket for easy access during check-ins and customs. Safely keep your credit cards, money notes, and coins in the secure slots and zippered pockets.  But that's not all. Our Travel Document Pouch also features a convenient pen holder, ensuring you're always prepared to fill out forms or jot down important details on the fly. Plus, there's a designated space for your name cards, making networking and connecting with fellow travelers a breeze.  
Available in five vibrant colors, you can choose the hue that matches your brand personality .  Whether you're embarking on a whirlwind adventure or a business trip across the globe, our Travel Document Pouch is the perfect companion for keeping your essentials organized, secure, and easily accessible. It is an ideal corporate gift for business professionals, particularly Singaporeans who frequently travel. Customise with your company logo/slogan printed.