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Glory Flame


Glory Flame on Black Base
Big : 22 cm x 12.5 cm 650gm
Small : 19 cm x 10 cm 450gm

In the world of recognition and appreciation, some achievements shine brighter than others. GA11 Glory Flame Glass Plaque, with its exquisite design and timeless elegance, offers the perfect recognition to celebrate those exceptional moments and individuals who have blazed a trail of excellence. Crafted with precision and care, this stunning glass plaque stands as a symbol of honor, accomplishment, and the enduring spirit of achievement. At the heart of the Glory Flame Glass Plaque is a meticulously handcrafted glass flame, rising gracefully from a sleek and sophisticated black base. The flame's delicate curves and edges capture the essence of a roaring fire, symbolizing passion, dedication, and the unstoppable pursuit of greatness. The fusion of clear glass and deep black accents creates a striking visual contrast, making this plaque an eye-catching masterpiece that commands attention.

Every significant achievement deserves to be commemorated with a personal touch. The Glory Flame Glass Plaque offers ample space for customization. Whether you wish to engrave a heartfelt message, the recipient's name, the date of the achievement, or a combination of these, our skilled artisans will ensure that every detail is etched with precision. Your personalized message will be a lasting testament to the significance of the moment being celebrated. You may consider to have UV print as an alternative finishing. 

The plaques comes with a brown kraft box with interior sponge.

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